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Nov. 2017

DALLAS, TX, November 27, 2017 /-- TapRoute Consulting, LLC , the provider of market-leading consulting for business growth using Oracle-NetSuite Solutions and custom NetSuite development tools, today announced a marketing campaign enhancement to NetSuite’s business platform. Companies can more easily move...

In Part 1 the focus was on seeking unbiased services and the value of being aware of  who is paying whom.  Some tech analysts are better than others, however even the most respected services require a "buyers beware" due diligence.

Acknowledging the imperfections of this market, Part 2 presents a process for identifying technology informatio...

Due to the increasing rate of technological change, it can be challenging to locate and use the reliable information required to make sound business decisions.   In this two part blog posting, I present the basics to locating reliable information.   Part 1 will offer an example of what not to do, and Part 2 presents an example of what leads...

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