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January 4, 2017

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Document Management & 3rd Party NetSuite Solutions

February 4, 2017

You may not need a third party document management solution if storing, accessing and managing approval workflows is sufficient. However, third party solutions can significantly improve your business processes when considering additional features such as Webiplex's DocuPeak. 


"Key Benefits

We recognize that you have several choices when considering a document management solution to augment your NetSuite business processes. The points below differentiate the DocuPeak solution, and demonstrate our years of working with the NetSuite product, and what the highest levels of integration can really do to make your overall business process as efficient as possible: 

  • Single-Sign-On Access: DocuPeak supports NetSuite SSO so you don’t have to login twice.

  • Real-time 2-way Data Sharing:  Lookup lists are accessed, and transactions inserted or updated, in real-time without requiring problematic manual “synchronization”.

  • Deep User Interface Integration: DocuPeak document dashboards are bolted right the NetSuite center tab, and in transaction or entity sub-tabs.

  • Deep Data Integration: DocuPeak’s NetSuite integration is Web services-based and thus does not require cumbersome NetSuite server scripts that can slow down NetSuite server performance.

  • More Customizable: Built-in support for customizations such as custom fields, lists, and forms, allowing DocuPeak to be just as unique as your NetSuite solution.

  • Handle Higher Volumes: DocuPeak customers process tens of thousands of documents per month with multiple distributed scan stations and processors.

  • More Expandable: DocuPeak is an enterprise-grade document management platform, which means you can move beyond standard AP/AR processes into entirely custom solutions.


Customer Quote


I have spent the last 15 years implementing different systems, in multiple companies and cross industries. My experience with Webiplex is unlike anything I have experienced with anyone else. Your philosophy, attention detail and response times are magnificent. We are working in the new Work Order app and I am blown away. I think I am most impressed by how fast it was implemented, and how a simple change like that, can have a large impact on process flow and control.

- Chad Collins, President, Sun Devil Plumbing and Router (NetSuite/Webiplex customer since 2010)


How it works

Paper documents (such as Vendor Bills or Expense Receipts) are scanned and indexed through DocuPeak's unique Web scan capability and digitally born documents can be captured and indexed through a variety of methods. Once documents are brought into the system, DocuPeak provides the ability to:

  • Centralize document archive and file retention management on a powerful, secure web-based platform.

  • Leverage zonal OCR for key data and barcode recognition, automating document indexing.

  • Automatically route documents such as AP invoices through a predefined role based review and approval process, including notifications and escalation procedures.

  • Integrate all documents to the associated transaction within NetSuite for synchronization of key document data, as well as built-in lookup and viewing.

  • Maintain an audit trail of all document based activity, including check-in, check-out and version control on changed documents.

  • Keep all departments and project teams (internal and external) in sync by making documents instantly available and easily accessible from within NetSuite.


DocuPeak Smart Document Recognition (SDR)

a next-generation take on the process of reading unstructured content (e.g. PDFs or scanned documents) to automatically generate data and automatically perform data entry. SDR is built on new technologies that are born on the Web and big data applications, and leverages artificial intelligence and contextual awareness like no other capture solution on the market.


Using SDR, our customers can automatically recognize documents at accuracy rates far beyond any of the legacy OCR-template technologies, without building and maintaining thousands of templates! Best of all, SDR is part of the overall DocuPeak platform which means exception workflows and automated data entry are built into the capture workflow itself. With DocuPeak SDR, there is now a single solution for document recognition and business process automation. Competitive solutions cobbled together through company acquisition that are completely unintegrated, unintelligent, over-priced and outdated, simply no longer have a place in the capture industry."













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